Participant Engagement Research (ParE) Hub

The ParE Hub is a vital component of PEPR’s mission to create a collaborative space for people with lived experience of chronic pain and marginalization (PWLECPM) to engage with researchers, policy makers, advocates, and other members of the chronic pain community.

Creating a Safe Space for PWLECPM

The Virtual Hub serves as a safe space for people with lived experience of chronic pain and marginalization. It aims to address their isolation, provide educational materials, and foster a community of practice.

Establishing the Virtual Research Hub


The Hub is a PEPR initiative that will be hosted by Pain B.C.


Through the HUB, we strive for innovation in participatory engagement research.

Knowledge Sharing

The Virtual Research Hub facilitates knowledge sharing and collaboration.

Community Building

The Hub contributes to building a strong research community.

Creating a Hub for Empowering Research

At PEPR, we are dedicated to establishing a Hub that provides a safe space for PLWECPM and researchers. Our goal is to address the isolation and vulnerability experienced by sole PWLECPM on research projects. Through the Hub, we aim to create a home for co-developed educational materials, making them easily accessible and reviewable as they are developed. By fostering a community of practice, we contribute towards sustainability and empower PWLECPM.

Safe Space for PLWECPM

Accessible Educational Materials for PWLECPM and Researchers

Building Relationships and Reducing Vulnerability on Research Teams